Help Us

If you are a committed Christian and feel that you are called to help with the homeless and marginalised and to walk with them in their journey, then please get in touch with us as there are a variety of roles which may fit with your gift and talents.

Rent Scheme
At the moment this is a new enterprise, which will help the homeless off the streets and into accommodation. If an applicatant is accepted with this scheme, we will need dedicated volunteers to befriend these people and help them get back into a normal life style. This means that after they get a permanent home, certain benefits will kick in and they can start looking for a job. At the same time there will be other issues in their lives; alcohol, drugs, depression etc which will need to be dealt with in a sympathetic way.

The drop in
Volunteers are nee to sit and chat with the homeless make tea or cook a meal.

The job Club
If you have experience as a manager, boss, employment agency etc then we will need your experience to help the long term unemployed get into a job.